Monday, March 3, 2008

Four Days of Hawaiian Bliss in a MINI

Jerry & Anna had a blast cruising around Oahu in our chili red Cooper Convertible back in January. They had a wonderful time during their stay in Ko'olina (mostly, I think, because of their choice in rental car!). Here's what they said about their tropical experience:

"My wife and I planned the perfect vacation to Oahu. Even though we stayed at a beautiful resort (Marriott Ko Olina), we wanted to see the island from top to bottom. My wife loves Mini's so I thought it would be a great opportunity to try one out. Additionally, we wanted something fun to drive and easy to park.

The sound system in the car was great. It was super clean and completely detailed out. Picking up and dropping off the car was quick and easy. Just like renting from a major chain.

- If you rent a convertible and your wife has long hair; bring a scarf or a hat.
- We brought along an FM transmitter so we could listen to our favorite tunes from our iPod."

Lindon, Utah

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Anonymous said...

I agree with how well kept these cars are. I've ridden in them and you'd think they were right out of the factory. What a nice ride!